Author Topic: CoW Ep. 269: BBW – The Scent That Treason Brings (& ep 285 Staff Pick)  (Read 2398 times)


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Banned Books Week – The Scent That Treason Brings

The Scent That Treason Brings - Staff Pick

• by Holly Schofield
• Narrated by Katherine Inskip
• Audio production by Jeremy Carter
A Cast of Wonders original!
Read along with the text of the story
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Holly Schofield travels through time at the rate of one second per second, oscillating between the alternate realities of city and country life. She is the author of over fifty short stories, some of which are used in university curricula and have been translated into several languages. Her works have appeared in Escape Pod, Lightspeed, Analog, and many other publications throughout the world. This is her fifth appearance in Cast of Wonders. Watch for new stories soon in Analog, Brave New Girls, and The Young Explorer’s Adventure Guide. For more of her work, visit her website or follow her on Twitter.

Katherine Inskip, assistant editor of Cast of Wonders, teaches astrophysics for a living and spends her spare time populating the universe with worlds of her own. She is addicted to chocolate and Japanese logic puzzles. Follow her online or on Twitter.

Wings tightly closed, Scarp bustled around the printing workshop. With smooth, sure strokes, zie inked the wooden blocks of type. The new formulation made from snail mucus and oak bark spread on smoothly. One of zir pincher-like tarsi gripped the printing press' lever while both zir mid legs slid a sheet of paper over the inked blocks. The large screw creaked as zie lowered the platen and then raised it, releasing the paper. Scarp gave a brief twitch of satisfaction at the clarity of the text, then re-inked the blocks for the next blank sheet

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