Author Topic: CoW Ep. 272: Banned Books Week – The Forbidden Books of Da Lin Monastery  (Read 2041 times)


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Banned Books Week – The Forbidden Books of Da Lin Monastery

• by Andrew K Hoe
• Narrated by Andrew K Hoe
• Audio production by Jeremy Carter
A Cast of Wonders original!
Read along with the text of the story
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Andrew K. Hoe teaches and practices Choy Li Fut Kung Fu and Tai Chi in Southern California, where he also writes speculative YA fiction. He has been a high school English teacher, an Assistant Language Teacher in Japan, and a college professor. His academic work in children’s literature can be found in The Looking Glass. Follow him online or on Twitter.

Hoong-Lung watched, horror-struck, as the book slid along the flagstone floor of the monastery library. The spine shivered, the cover’s fabric shredded itself, and something like spittle foamed along its edges. The title’s brush-stroked ideographs broke from their calligraphy, ink squirming like black worms.
The untamed writing made Hoong-Lung want to vomit.

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