Author Topic: CoW Ep. 293: The Final Strand  (Read 2746 times)


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on: March 05, 2018, 10:42:04 PM
Cast of Wonders 293: The Final Strand

• Author: Makenzi Newman
• Narrator: Alexis Goble
• Host: Marguerite Kenner
• Audio Producer: Jeremy Carter
Cast of Wonders 293: The Final Strand is a Cast of Wonders original.
Click here to listen to Episode 293
Content warning: self-harm

Mackenzi Newman is a high school student from South Louisiana. “The Final Strand” is her first professional publication. She has narrated stories for Cast of Wonders and PseudoPod, and would love to continue both writing and narrating in the future.

Alexis Goble has been a slush reader for Cast of Wonders since the spring of 2015. She’s new to the world of audio, and you may have heard her on previous Cast of Wonders episodes. Alexis is a jeweler and lives with her partner in Cincinnati, OH. You can occasionally find her on Twitter.

I hate this tower. It’s all busted up, from its crooked lean to its crumbling roof. It’s been four years, and still no prince has come. I’d prefer a princess, but whatever. I’d take anything to get out of this godforsaken tower. There’s nothing to do except brush my twenty-five-foot-long hair and clean. I know what you’re about to say, and I’ve said it too: Why not cut it? Well, I’m given supplies through the crack in the roof twice a month, and I am given nothing sharp. I guess my parents think I might commit suicide, if given the chance. They aren’t completely wrong–I’d probably at least try.

Tags: Alexis Goble, arranged marriage, Cast of Wonders, defiance, desperation, escape, forbidden love, forced marriage, freedom, hair, Jeremy Carter, lesbian, Makenzi Newman, prince, princess, prisoner, tower, unexpected, unwanted attention, Young Adult fiction


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Reply #1 on: May 21, 2018, 06:58:09 PM
Really loved all the extra layers in this story, and was very impressed with this being a first sale. Looking forward to more of Makenzie's work.

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