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on: May 01, 2018, 10:37:01 AM
So, the submission period for the contest is over. When the editors and I discussed the contest this time, we felt that the last few contests had had so many entries that they took too long and that this was starting to really take its toll both on the voters and on some of the authors. So we decided to experiment with a shorter submission window to see if it will make the contest a bit more manageable. We also shortened the lead time between contest announcement and the opening of the submission window, though that was less of a deliberate decision and more because of circumstances beyond our planning. The combination of these two factors meant that we are having a smaller contest than we are used to, though still a very respectable number of entries - 114.

I write this before I had a chance to look through the entries and there's a possibility that some will need to be disqualified for rule violations or technical issues (for instance if there are any accidental double submissions or anything). But I think we can all look forward to a slightly leaner, yet still substantial, contest.

I will post a proper contest schedule once I have had a chance to sort through the entries, but I think the voting period will start on Tuesday, 15 May Saturday, 12 May, which happens to be Escape Pod's 13th anniversary*.

*Disclaimer: date is still not final
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Reply #1 on: May 01, 2018, 12:52:21 PM
Thanks Eytanz to you and all the editors/moderators at EA for all your hard work in putting these contests on. For myself, I like the change. From a reading/voting perspective, 114 stories seems much more manageable than the 200 I was expecting.

Looking forward to reading everone’s work later on this month.


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Reply #2 on: May 04, 2018, 09:18:55 AM
Yes thank you! These contests are totally worth every ounce of hard work (and then some) that you put into them  :D

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