Author Topic: CoW Ep. 306: The Poet and the Spider  (Read 2511 times)


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on: June 19, 2018, 11:34:06 AM
Cast of Wonders 306: The Poet and the Spider

• Author: Cynthia So
• Narrator: Eliza Chan
• Host: Marguerite Kenner
• Audio Producer: Jeremy Carter
• Cast of Wonders 306: The Poet and the Spider was first printed in Anathema: Spec from the Margins, December 2017
Click here to listen to Episode 306

Cynthia So is a queer Chinese writer from Hong Kong, living in London. She spent her undergrad crying over poets that have been dead for 2,000 years, give or take. (She’s graduated now, but still crying.) Her fiction has appeared in Anathema and Arsenika. She can be found on Twitter @cynaesthete.

Eliza Chan is a Scottish-Chinese writer published in Fantasy Magazine, Fox Spirit’s Asian Monsters, Persistent Visions and Mithila Review. She writes about East Asian mythology, British folklore and madwomen in the attic, but preferably all three at once.

You saw the Empress once, when you were still a pillow-cheeked and blossom-mouthed child. She was tall and severe, and the train of her yellow dress flowed behind her for miles and miles, a river of pure gold. You stood behind your mother and wanted to bathe yourself in that river, and the Empress turned, her crown twinkling like a cosmos of cold stars, and she looked at you. You told everyone in your village afterwards that the Empress looked at you.

Tags: Cast of Wonders, Cynthia So, discovery, Eliza Chan, Fantasy, gay, Jeremy Carter, language, Marguerite Kenner, mentor, Poetry, queer, silver, webs, Young Adult fiction