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on: November 01, 2018, 09:23:29 AM
We have 37 stories through to the semi-finals. These are:

From Group A:
* Choosing
* To Protect the Princess
* Touched

From Group B:
* The Mud Princess
* I Run
* Behind the Bookshelf, in the Slim Pool of Light
* Emily Creant and the Battle of the Unmarked Exam Papers

From Group C:
* A Magpie of Superstitions
* The Fern and the Bees
* Fifth Column

From Group D:
* Grounded
* The Heart of Matter
* Fractures

From Group E:
* Calling the Dragon
* Foo-Head
* Love Demon

From Group F:
* Feeling Blue
* Kisses
* Lairbnb

From Group G:
* Things From Long Ago
* Blue
* Old World Problems.

From Group H:
* Mother's Love
* Bunny
* From Andromeda with Love

From Group I:
* An Economy of Words
* High and Beyond
* Wish Hard

From Group J:
* A New Home in the Stars
* Dragon's PSA
* The Buildings Have Never Been So Tall

From Group K:
* Hope and Change
* Of Snakes and Stone
* Flight of the Accursed

From Group L:
* Buzz
* Out of the Box
* Recognition

Congratulations to all the authors!

All four Semi Final groups will be opened to voting at approximately 9am GMT on Saturday 3rd November. Between now and then, please feel free to announce that your story has progressed to the semis, but **PLEASE** do not identify it in any way.

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