Author Topic: CoW Ep. 324: Banned Books Week – The Sound of Her Voice  (Read 2402 times)


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Cast of Wonders 324: Banned Books Week – The Sound of Her Voice

• Author: Jennifer Hykes
• Narrator: Dani Daly
• Host: Alexis Goble
• Audio Producer Jeremy Carter
A Cast of Wonders original!
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Jennifer Hykes lives with her husband and two cats just outside of Pittsburgh. She is fond of books, moonlight, and good yarns, both in the narrative and fiber sense. Her stories have appeared in Abyss & Apex, PodCastle, and Betwixt.

She is fairly certain that the cats are not enchanted princes, but it is sometimes hard to tell with these things.

Dani Daly is a former assistant editor of Cast of Wonders, and narrating stories is just one of the things she loves to do. She’s a retired roller derby player and current small batch soap maker, for instance. Soaps and balms from StoryTime Soap Company are crafted while listening to audio fiction of all sorts. She rants on twitter as @danooli_dani, if that’s your thing. Or you can visit the EA forums, where she moderates the Cast of Wonders boards.

I saw her van as I turned the corner by the convenience store.  It was exactly as I remembered it: the coat of green paint cracked and faded now, but the logo unmistakable.  It was burned into my memory like a brand.

I moved before I even realized my old instincts were kicking in, pressing myself against the brick wall and slowing my breathing so the sound would not give me away.

Every nerve in my body tingled.  I watched. I waited.

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