Author Topic: Volume level of Podcastle  (Read 4726 times)


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on: December 07, 2018, 05:38:41 AM
I'm starting to get really frustrated trying to listen to Podcastle. I love Escape Pod, Podcastle, and Cast of Wonders, and I only have trouble with one of them. The problem is that the volume of the podcast is too low. When I'm walking (the normal time to listen to podcasts for me), every passing car drowns out the sound of the podcast. Even when I have the volume of my iPhone set to maximum. I don't have this trouble with Escape Pod, or with Cast of Wonders, nor even with any of the other podcasts I listen to (Freakonomics, Risk, to name two). (And that's not totally true. I used to listen to Moonshine Jesus show, and it had the same problem.)

Because this is (almost) unique to Podcastle, I suspect that the sound engineer is somehow causing this, intentionally or unintentionally. As such, I am asking if there is anything that you at Podcastle can do to increase the volume of the podcast?

Thanks for hearing me out.