Author Topic: CoW Ep. 357: Little Wonders 21 – 2018 Flash Fiction Contest Runners-Up  (Read 3465 times)


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Cast of Wonders 357: Little Wonders 21 – 2018 Flash Fiction Contest Runners-Up

• Authors : J. T. Nilson, Nathan Susnik and Maria Haskins
• Narrators : Eliza Chan, Tanja Milojevic and Kyle Akers
• Host : Katherine Inskip
• Audio Producer : Jeremy Carter
Cast of Wonders 357: Little Wonders 21 – 2018 Flash Fiction Contest Runners-Up are all Cast of Wonders originals
Click here to listen to Episode 357

Grounded by J. T. Nilson

“I can’t,” Sophie sulked. “I stayed out past curfew last week and I’m not allowed to go out.”

“But the gnome army marches onward!” cried Aithne, flitting in circles within Sophie’s window frame, her glowing wings a hummingbird-like blur. “The pixie tribes need our human champion to bring forth the magic. We must triumph!”

Mother’s Love by Maria Haskins

Doctor, thanks for coming to see me and my son. I know things look bleak for him. I know what you said after the surgery. That you wish you could save Ben. That you did everything you could.

Could you sit with me for a bit? It’s a lot to ask. You must be tired, ready to go home. I just… need someone.

Things from Long Ago by Nathan Susnik

A long time ago, I lived next to a girl who could remember forgotten things. We were the same age, rode the same bus, and went to the same school. Her demeanor, like her name, was somehow too old for her age, scrawny, fading away, all but forgotten. Like a girl in a Victorian photograph, she never smiled.


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This was a good episode. "Mother's Love" was particularly brutal. Loved it.

All cat stories start with this statement: “My mother, who was the first cat, told me this...”