Author Topic: Your Favorite Flash Fiction?  (Read 1923 times)


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on: December 16, 2019, 07:13:03 PM
Of the many stories featured in Pseudopod's "Flash on the Borderlands" episodes which are your favorites?

My top 5:

EP 367 "The Violin Family"
EP 563 "The Corpse Child"
EP 601 "Suicide Vending Machine"
EP 624 "10 Things I Didn't Do"
EP 538 "Bring the Moon to Me"

Honorable mention:

EP 175 "Benefits"
 The plot has the potential for a great sci-fi horror story, but I think the lighter tone was a mistake.

EP 484 "The Stainless Steel Leech"
 Campy but fun mashup of 50s robots and I Am Legend. May not be for everyone, but I liked it.