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Escape Pod 740: Women of Our Occupation (Summer Flashback)

Author: Kameron Hurley
Narrator: Mur Lafferty
Host: Alasdair Stuart
Audio Producers: Summer Brooks and Mat Weller

This story first appeared in Strange Horizons in July 2006.


Content Warning:
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Show Notes
Recorded live at LonCon3.
GoodReads page for the story: (Note Hurley’s referenced comment about pronoun changes)

[EDITOR: We don’t have the rights to post the text of this story.]

Welcome back to Summer School, where for the next month we’re going to be using Flashback Fridays to explore some of the ways science fiction plays with its biggest toys. And what bigger toy is there than alien invasion?

Well, we say aliens.

This week’s story has a certain metatextual resonance even before we get to why it is like it is. This was originally recorded live at the first ever WorldCon I attended, back in London in 2014. Audio production back then was by Mat Weller, narration was by Mur Lafferty and hosting was by me. The story was, and still is, by Kameron Hurley who is, like Escape Pod and myself, a Hugo finalist this year. If you’re a voter, please consider voting for, well, all of us. The EP and my personal voter packet information links will be in the show notes.

Now, get ready because it’s story time.

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