Author Topic: Escape Pod’s Flash Fiction contest returns on April 1, 2020  (Read 5947 times)


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Congrats to everyone that moved on to the Semis!  Well done!

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I'll try next time.


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In what was a very close race, including a tie for third, the winners of the Escape Pod Flash Fiction Contest for 2020 are…

"Butterfly" by Drew Czernik

"In Roaring She Shall Rise" by Rajiv Moté

"Death Poems of the Folded Ones" by Carol Scheina

"The Day the Sun Went Out" by Hannah Whiteoak

Congratulations and we’ll hear these stories on an upcoming episode of Escape Pod.

Thanks to all the authors who entered stories and special thanks to all the readers who voted!

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Reply #29 on: September 04, 2020, 04:44:35 AM
Yay!  Thanks, Darusha!