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on: May 15, 2020, 09:19:10 PM
Escape Pod 732: At Her Fingertips

Author: Jason Kimble
Narrator: Ibba Armancas
Host: Tina Connolly
Audio Producer: Summer Brooks

This story was first published in Betwixt Magazine


Ten fingers, ten toes. That’s the baseline for a healthy kid, right? You’d have thought I’d be a bonus, what with eighteen fingers. Guess they all have to function before you count them.

As Deficiencies go, mine’s not so bad. The Skew was a hell of a thing, and everyone on the Rim’s still feeling it. I knew a guy once had a fully formed jaw down around his nuts. I only wish I was kidding. On the upside, the hinge didn’t work, or it would’ve been a nightmare sitting down.

So, yeah, I have extra digits grown out from the top of my primary knuckles. You get used to working around them, though. Makes some things tenser for me when I’m elbow-deep in an engine than it does for people without them, but it only took once or twice pinching them before my reflexes amped up. And, like I said: could be worse.


Case in point: I could have a mouth that doesn’t close all the way like my boss, Harvey. He literally never shuts his trap.

“Acaja, get the hell over here!”

No matter how much I wish he would.

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So, I just couldn't understand why she couldn't amputate the extra digits if they got in the way. I know people who were born with extra fingers/toes and there wasn't a problem cutting those off, when they chose to. I wish the story had at least touched on why that wasn't possible here. It interfered with my enjoyment of the story.

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