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on: February 28, 2008, 03:56:34 PM
Steve (and any who choose to read it),

I've never before contacted you and I am certain we don't know one another but I have become a listener to your podcasts for a few months now and I must say, bravo.

I have never before been an avid reader or listener as is more common these days but I find myself captivated by your show. Usually quite engaging, I tend to find myself postponing listening to the next because I am late for some real world commitment and wishing I could postpone the latter.

Don't think that I have no regard for taste or selectivity. I don't like every story but I liken your podcasts to listening to my zepplin box set. Even though I don't like every song the Led keeps me coming back again.
It isn't just the stories, which do vary considerably, but rather the whole show. Your lead-ins and commentary are likewise entertaining and enaging. You excel at cleansing the palate for each story and allow robust commentary from both youself and the listeners.

I can't begin to guess what it takes to manage producing the show on a weekly basis but I know I like it! In short, which this is anything but, keep up the good work it is truly appreciated!