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PseudoPod 729: What We Talk About When We Talk About Cooking Country & The Halloween Parade

Authors: Kitty Sarkozy, Jessica Ann York, Jamie Grimes, and Alasdair Stuart
Narrators: Kaz, Jennie Agerton, Alex Hofelich, and Alasdair Stuart
Host: Alasdair Stuart
Audio Producer: Marty Perrett

PseudoPod 729: What We Talk About When We Talk About Cooking Country & The Halloween Parade is a PseudoPod original.

Show Notes
Please head over to the Escape Artists Patreon for information about the parade clues.

Audio notes:


This is What’s on the Table. I’m Bertrand Cobb. If you’re like me, the past few months have challenged your culinary capabilities. Anyone who’s listened to this show is aware that I’ve dabbled in the sweet science of baking. I have produced a number of edible breadbox basics. This includes current instagram favorites sourdough and banana bread. However, I’m no maître pâtissier. 

But our guest today, Pricilla van Pelt, is a master baker. She recently published her first book at the tender age of seventy-five, collecting recipes and personal stories from her award-winning blog. It’s called What I’m Talking About When I Talk About Cooking Country. Her book has generated a lot of buzz on pinterest and instagram, as well as the discussion boards of reddit since publication.

I’m still working from my home studio and connected with Ms. van Pelt via Zoom from her grandson’s home in Buford, Georgia.

Pricilla van Pelt, can you tell us What’s on the Table?


Well, Mister Cobb, there’s a pretty little centerpiece my great-grandbabies put together, wildflowers mostly, and this computer. We don’t need much more than that.

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There are problems with the recipe:  the amounts for cloves, allspice, nutmeg, and butter appear as question marks instead of numbers on my screen.  Anyone else having this problem? 


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That's a weird formatting issue. Wordpress has a convenient symbol for most of those fractions but not 1/8 and 1/3. The amounts have been corrected.

ETA: The cookies are delicious and not quite as fluffy as a muffin and not quite as chewy or crisp as a chocolate chip style sugar cookie. 100% worth your time.

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