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on: March 15, 2008, 07:12:26 PM
You can join these groups for free.

They only do speculative fiction and a few pro are among them. You get a group of stories to read every week. And must review before you can submit anything. It takes about a month to get a review up. There are ways of making this happen faster. The more you review, the quicker you go up on the list. Reviews are emailed to you and posted on the site as well.

You can post up to 5 things for free and 20 bucks for a full year with 25 items. I get several reviews a day here. There are newsletters, contests, groups of all kinds and this site is open to all kinds of stories and writers. Reviews go to your private email on-site.

If you go, please stop by and say, "Hi."


Where do you go to get your stuff read before you submit it?

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