Author Topic: CoW Ep. 380: Little Wonders 23 – Comfort is Universal  (Read 661 times)

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Cast of Wonders 380: Little Wonders 23 – Comfort is Universal

• Authors: Bogi Takács and Craig Robert Saunders
• Narrators: Katherine Inskip and Premee Mohamed
• Hosts: Andrew K. Hoe and Benjamin C. Kinney
• Audio Producer: Jeremy Carter
• Artist: Alexis Goble

Cast of Wonders 380: Little Wonders 23 – Comfort is Universal is a Cast of Wonders original.

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"Taking the Nine to the Last Shop" by Craig Robert Saunders

The last shop before the fog is my favourite shop of all. It has candy, which is best. It sells shrimp which never, ever goes off, krill, newspapers, mops and buckets, and air packets you can open that tickle your tentacles just like the popping candy, which Grandma lets me have even though she hates the sound of the air packs and the poppers. She likes the hardboiled sweets. They have what seems like endless rows of jars of those behind the counter. You can buy things for the house there, and things for dull days when the seas are hard and rough and you can’t go out, or when the fog’s so heavy it squashes you up so you can’t see above your parapet, and all you can do is draw yourself inside and listen to your mother muttering and feel the sway of Grandma moving underneath you both.

Show Notes
"The Ladybug, In Flight" was recorded live at Worldcon in Dublin in 2019.

"The Ladybug, In Flight" by Bogi Takács

It is good to be small; it is good to be many.

A hundred, a thousand, five thousand. We swarm where we can find nourishment – and because we are constructs, nourishment is inorganic.

We gobble up space crystals; we shine our beam of light on time crystals to get the process in motion, then feed on the oscillations.

Do you know about symmetry-breaking? These crystals have less symmetry than a glop of liquid.

But of course, I’m just a tiny ladybug – my brain quasi-organic, my outer layers made of a curious alloy. My sentience forming from the swarm.

And we are often hungry.

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