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Cast of Wonders 366: The Last Banquet of Temporal Confections (Part 1)

Cast of Wonders 367: The Last Banquet of Temporal Confections (Part 2)

• Author: Tina Connolly
• Narrator: Alethea Kontis
• Host: Setsu Uzumé
• Audio Producer: Jeremy Carter
• Artist: Alexis Goble

"The Last Banquet of Temporal Confections" was originally published at, July 11, 2018.

Show Notes
Benjamin C. Kinney’s #NeuroThursday Smell, Taste, and Emotion was inspired by this story.

Click here to listen to Episode 366
Click here to listen to Episode 367

Content Warning:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Saffron takes her customary place at the little round table on the dais of the Traitor King. Duke Michal, Regent to the Throne is his official title, but the hand-drawn postered sheets, the words whispered in back alleys all nickname him the same. She smiles warmly at the assembled guests, standing poised and waiting by their chairs, ready for the confections and amuse-bouches that have been a mainstay of the high table for the last year.

Saffron has been Confection Taster all that time, her husband Danny Head Pastry Chef. Their warm smiles have been perfected as the Traitor King’s power grows, inch by inch, as those who object to his grasp fail and fall, as the printers are vanished, as the daughters disappear from their homes. The little prince still sleeps in his nursery—but for how long? That is the question on everyone’s mind in the last year. Not a question uttered, but a question that stays poised on the tongue, and does not fall.

Tags:   Alethea Kontis, Alexis Goble, bakery, betrayal, Cast of Wonders, confection, dictatorship, Fantasy, food, Jeremy Carter, Memory, rebellion, resistance, Setsu Uzumé, temporal confections, Tina Connolly, Young Adult fiction

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