Author Topic: More on Banned Books Week 2021 (including submission schedule and portal)!  (Read 3174 times)

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The Cast of Wonders page on Banned Books Week now includes more information on the type of stories we're looking for. 

Here's a sample:

"Send us your stories of books that unite the geekiest con-goer, the most curmudgeonly asteroid-pirate, the steampunk bot that’s been asleep for a hundred years. Send us your stories of books that swordmasters would talk over with dragons. Send us tales of books that turn the unlikeliest beings into friends in speculative worlds. Send us tales of books that transcend time and space to gather the disparate into families."

A reminder that submissions for Banned Books Week will be accepted from June 13th to June 26th.

More info (including a link to our Moksha portal, where stories can be submitted) here: