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on: May 28, 2021, 08:49:41 PM
Cast of Wonders 454: The Fairy Queen

• Author: Lynn Buchanan
• Narrator: Eliza Chan
• Host: Emily Colin
• Audio Producer: Jeremy Carter
• Artist: Alexis Goble

"The Fairy Queen" is a Cast of Wonders original.

Click here to listen to Episode 454

She made the first fairy by accident, with a twig she found under a hawthorn tree. It was a stick possessing the general shape of a human, with offshoots that resembled arms and legs, and a knot she called a head. Sitting in the shade of the tree, she wrapped a bit of twine around the twig’s torso, tearing off a piece of thread from the cuff of her sleeve and decorating the “arms” in tight white lines. With a ribbon pulled from her hair she clothed the stick, folding the silk into a tunic tied at the back with a bow. For hair she picked up a strand of leaves from the grass beside her, fastening the stem down the slope of the wooden face with three pieces of her own hair, pulled with a jerk and grimace from her skull and braided into a cord the color of sunsets. Last of all she attached to the twig’s back a set of butterfly wings, collected earlier that day from a trip to the garden.

Tags:  Alexis Goble, childhood, connection, Eliza Chan, Emily Colin, fairies, families, gardens, handicrafts, Jeremy Carter, loneliness, lost, Lynn Buchanan, neglect, siblings, Young Adult fiction