Author Topic: CoW Ep. 455: Little Wonders 30 -- Not So Alien After All  (Read 547 times)

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Cast of Wonders 455: Little Wonders 30 – Not So Alien After All

• Authors: Brenna Harvey and P. G. Streeter
• Narrators: Andrew K. Hoe and Jeremy Carter
• Host: Katherine Inskip
• Audio Producer: Jeremy Carter
• Artist: Alexis Goble

“Little Wonders 30 – Not So Alien After All” is a Cast of Wonders original.

Click here to listen to Episode 455

"Toward the Sploff Zone" by Brenna Harvey

“Kids, you’re switching bodies today!” said Coach Sningarax.

Our whole gym class groaned.

“Why?” I asked.

“To build character! Now, what’s the number one rule of neuroswapping?”

"Respect,” we droned in unison.

"A Greevbinian Parent Abroad" by P. G. Streeter

For today’s post, I’d like to touch upon a sticky but unavoidable question of Greevbinian parenting. Namely, how can I separate the fears and anxieties I have for my offspring from the larger worries that accompany the Greevbinian Universal Mission?

I know this sounds far more philosophical than my usual pragmatic fare. So, if it helps, I’ll put it in simpler terms: how do we balance our two lives–work, and parenthood? Many of you have written to inquire as much. This is, quite simply, a topic that can’t be avoided, especially for someone in my position.

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