Author Topic: EP786: The Steel Magnolia Metaphor  (Read 1177 times)

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on: June 22, 2021, 03:20:23 PM
Escape Pod 786: The Steel Magnolia Metaphor

Author: Jennifer Lee Rossman
Narrator: Ellora Sen-Gupta
Host:  Mur Lafferty
Audio Producer: Summer Brooks

Escape Pod 786: The Steel Magnolia Metaphor is an Escape Pod original.

The 1989 movie came to mind as soon as I read the title. I wish they hadn’t stated the metaphor so openly here. I wish that it had been shown to me instead. The first scene stops with not much happening, so I think it works better with those who didn’t know about the movie.

It gets better by the midpoint, when Astrid accidentally “builds a metaphor”.

It’s a good short-story; but it reads more like a lesson rather than a story. I just wish it were a little less obvious and preachy. Even with it trying to preach good things.

I just wanna go pro before AI takes over and the bot dogs from Boston Dynamics kill us all.