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on: October 31, 2021, 06:59:05 PM

Authors: Summer Fletcher, Ash Beker, and Alasdair Stuart
Narrators: Imogen Harris, Marty Perrett, Wilson Fowlie, Peter Adrian Behravesh, Kaitlyn Zivanovich, Mur Lafferty, M. M. Schill, Alex Hofelich, Shawn Garrett, Scott Campbell, Kat Day, Graeme Dunlop, and Alasdair Stuart
Hosts: Marguerite Kenner, Ciaran ‘Zalia’ Roberts, Ryan Boyd, and Peter Wood
Audio Producer: Matt Dovey

A Halloween 2021 original audio drama! Download the complete transcript.


Content Warning:
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Show Notes
Special thanks to Margaret Dunlap. In collaboration with:Creepypodwritten and Performed by Jon Grilzproduced by Steve BlizinThe Magnus Archiveswritten by Anil Godigamuweperformed by Alexander J Newallediting by Elizabeth Moffattproduced by Lowri Ann DaviesNeighbourlywritten by Matthew OK Smith and Naomi ClarkeThe Narrator was voiced by Matthew OK SmithLockie was voiced by Alan Burgonmusic composed by Alex SchwartzNightlight Podwritten by Tonia Ransom & W.E.B. DuBoisnarrated by Hollis Monroe and Tonia Ransomportions of audio supplied by PseudoPodThe Secret of St. Kildawritten and edited by Naomi Clarkedirected by Michael Irelandwith Shogo Miyakita as Georgie Torranceand Dean J. Smith as Robbie Torrancetranscript by C. L. HendryThe Storage PapersJeremy Enfinger as JeremyAmanda Lunsford as ResidentNathan Lunsford as News Anchor and Detective Mark Andersonwritten by Nathan Lunsfordedited and mixed by Nathan LunsfordUnwell: A Midwestern Gothic Mysterywritten by Jim McDonielsound design by Hannah Foerschlerdirected by Jeffrey Nils GardnerUnwell executive producers: Eleanor Hyde and Jeffrey Nils GardnerFeaturing David Rheinstrom, Marsha Harman, Jeffrey Nils Gardner, Nathaniel Ewert-Krocker, Kat Evans, Abby Doud, Krista D’Agostino, Ele Matelan, and Pat KingFeaturing sounds from Free Sound under Creative Commons licenses. PseudoPod’s theme music “Bloodletting on a Kiss” is by Anders Manga and used with permission.

PseudoPod, The Sound of Horror!

The familiar strains of PseudoPod’s opening music, “Bloodletting on a Kiss” begins. A moment of distortion interrupts, followed by a saxophone-driven 90’s talk show cover of the same song. Canned studio audience applause as the song concludes.

WITCHHello and welcome back to PseudoPod, I’m your host, Alasdair Stuart. We are so excited to bring you a very special episode, a rooftop extravaganza to celebrate the Witching Hour!

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