Author Topic: PC721: A Chestnut, A Persimmon, A Cunning Lie  (Read 254 times)


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on: February 13, 2022, 11:24:19 PM
PodCastle 721: A Chestnut, A Persimmon, A Cunning Lie

Author: Michelle Denham
Narrator: Isabel Kim
Host: Shingai Njeri Kagunda
Audio Producer: Peter Adrian Behravesh

PodCastle 721: A Chestnut, A Persimmon, A Cunning Lie is a PodCastle original.


Content Warning:
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Show Notes
Rated PG-13


If you are going to battle a tiger, my darling one, you need three things: a chestnut, a persimmon, and a cunning lie.

Haewon’s Omoni brought home the tiger-hearted girl and said, “This is your sister, Hyojin. She has been reborn to us, isn’t that wonderful?”

The tiger-hearted girl had amber eyes that burned, red stripes on her face, and long white teeth that gleamed in the dark. Omoni looked at Haewon like she expected her to do something.  So Haewon threw her arms around the tiger-hearted girl and said, “Hyojin-ah! I thought we’d never see each other again. I missed you so much.”

For her efforts, Haewon received a sharp bite into her shoulder. It was like four needles jabbed into her skin all at once. Haewon cried out, but she didn’t let go of the tiger girl.

“Hyojin-ah, how dare you bite your unni? You should show your older sister more respect.” She pulled back to stare at the tiger-hearted girl. She tapped her on the nose, once. “You were always just like this. Even reborn, you’re still the same. Come, I’ll show you our old room.”

Haewon took the tiger by her hand and Hyojin followed behind, suddenly meek.

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