Author Topic: PseudoPod 801: The Bear Across the Way  (Read 618 times)


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on: March 12, 2022, 05:01:57 AM
PseudoPod 801: The Bear Across the Way

Author: Emily Rigole
Narrator: Dani Daly
Host: Kat Day
Audio Producer: Chelsea Davis

PseudoPod 801: The Bear Across the Way is a PseudoPod original.

I paid no more attention to the bear than I would have any new neighbors. Despite what my husband might tell you, the fact that he was a bear played into my curiosity very little. It was his behavior that concerned me. The same behavior that would have concerned me of any new member to our community. And if people had listened to me a little earlier, instead of tiptoeing about trying not to—God forbid—offend the bear, then maybe all this could have been avoided.

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