Author Topic: PseudoPod 803: Them At Number Seventy-Four  (Read 1144 times)


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on: March 26, 2022, 08:28:30 PM
PseudoPod 803: Them At Number Seventy-Four

Author: Lindz McLeod
Narrator: Katherine Inskip
Host: Kat Day
Audio Producer: Chelsea Davis

PseudoPod 803: Them At Number Seventy-Four is a PseudoPod original.

When body number four is discovered, Mrs Patterson thinks that surely now she and her husband will be caught. Days creep past, then a week. 



Their excitement and relief begins to fade. Once again, the desire blossoms, delicate at first, but growing bolder as the hours and days pass. Over a dinner of chips, peas, and gammon steaks, Mrs Patterson ventures a suggestion that perhaps it’s time they do another. Her husband chews for a moment, points out that there’s another James Bond marathon on this weekend they won’t want to miss. She cedes the point. Seeing her disappointment, he suggests he can’t rule out the possibility they might kill again sooner, if someone suitable pops up. Play it by ear, he says. Pass the salt, please.

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