Author Topic: PC744: Double Feature! I Will You Back to Time and Space; The Ocean-Eyed Boy  (Read 446 times)


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PodCastle 744: Double Feature! I Will You Back to Time and Space; The Ocean-Eyed Boy

Authors: Dafydd McKimm and Timothy Mudie
Narrators: Alasdair Stuart and Kyle Akers
Host: Matt Dovey
Audio Producer: Devin Martin

“I Will You Back to Time and Space” was originally published by Flash Fiction Online“The Ocean-Eyed Boy” was originally published by Deep Magic


Content Warning:
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You are ten years unborn on the evening of the day that will soon become known as G-day. I am washing dishes in the kitchen of our newly bought terrace, cleaning the residue of dinner from our finest boot-sale porcelain. I bring two glasses of wine over to the sofa, where your mother is yawning contentedly, and touch my glass gently to hers. The clink sings through the stuffy air.

“Cheers, fellow homeowner,” I say.

Your mother grins, takes a sip of her wine. Then her eyes focus on something behind me. Her glass falls; she screams; and I turn to see them for the first time: two hulking things, arms thick as tree trunks, barrel-chested, those beetle-browed primate eyes focused so intensely on us. I shout, curse, push your mother back, my head ringing like the resounding clink of the wine glasses but an alien moment ago.

Soon enough, we find out the gorillas aren’t just there for the two of us. They’re everywhere, following every living person, and they’re here to stay.

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