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on: September 11, 2022, 10:08:48 AM
Where could I expect to find an information notice about lower than normal audio quality of a particular episode?

I realise that all the Escape Pod podcasts are made by volunteers using their own equipment, and I don't expect perfection.  Now and then there will be an episode that has an audio issue, and that's OK.  In the past such episodes have somehow had information attached to say that there was an audio issue. I have less than 100% hearing, so this information is valuable to me - I go straight to the website to read that story instead. 

Today I tried to listen to Podcastle 732 (yes that is from April, I am 5 months behind but I like to listen in date order). There is background noise on the audio which is probably OK for many people, but renders it not listenable for me.  I tried redownloading, listening from the website, swapping the device I used, but the result was the same for all methods.  An information notice somewhere would have been great.

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