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on: September 27, 2022, 02:47:05 AM
Cast of Wonders 507: The Last Auction

• Author: Abhilash Jayachandra
• Narrator: Kaushik Narasimhan
• Host: Samuel Poots
• Audio Producer: Jeremy Carter

"The Last Auction" is a Cast of Wonders original.

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Show Notes

At the time of this episode’s release, the people of Pakistan are struggling with the aftermath of devastating floods. The climate crisis affects all of us, but the brunt of the suffering is often borne by those with limited resources, and those who have contributed least to human-induced climate change.  There are many charities running appeals to provide aid for Pakistan: these are just a few:

Disasters Emergency Committee Pakistan Floods Appeal
The United Nations Refugee Agency Pakistan Floods Emergency
Give2Asia Pakistan Flood Relief 2022


When the last piece of land that was destined for the ocean was about ready to be swallowed by the waters, the last great auction was held.

The auction was handled by the
Land Ho! Auction House (since defunct) and, as such, they were obligated to inform any and all interested parties who might want to participate. It was rumored that they had even dispatched an invite to the underwater town of New Atlantis, where the oldest of the old, those who still remembered the planet before the “Melt” and the “Submerge,” still lived with their descendants. But whether the Grand Old Matriarch or any of her sisters would make an appearance or send a representative was not known.

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