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on: November 02, 2022, 03:52:54 AM
Cast of Wonders 513: Gone Red

• Author: Beverly Aarons
• Narrators: Bria Strothers and Sean D. Sorrentino
• Host: Katherine Inskip
• Audio Producer: Jeremy Carter

"Gone Red" is a Cast of Wonders original.

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Content Warning:
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South Seattle — Sunday, August 4, 2080 — 3:00 pm
Glimmer Robinson

We done gone Red and I don’t give a fuck. I mean, I give a fuck that me and Moms and Papa, and Lil’Bo is out here on the road to the “you’re for sure fucked zone” but I don’t give a fuck about going Red. Going Red means you still got a beating heart and you ain’t scared to let Zuk know that you’re pissed off, that you’re angry and sad and disappointed and feeling whatever feels they say you ain’t supposed to have under Zuk’s grey-ass skies. And so here we are—Red. Melting our soles on this hot ass concrete for a whole day already. Me and Moms and Papa and Lil’Bo and my neighbors, TJ, Kalli, Ms. Zena, Ray, and all of them I never did get a chance to know too much about, they on this road too. The whole district out here, about two hundred folks, gone Red and walking south on old Highway 5.

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