Author Topic: EP 876 The Hagfish Has Three Hearts  (Read 1558 times)

Nicole Parent

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on: February 23, 2023, 02:34:58 AM
I both really loved the concept of this episode, bio engineered diplomat has to balance small town politics with the demands of the whales who humanity has to bargain with in order to have any access to the sea, and was impressed by Noma being crossed with a hagfish of all the possible ocean creatures. I always personally thought that the hagfish was very gross, so I appreciated how this story helped me see the deep ocean creatures in a different light.

I did think that the town was really lucky, in that it seems to be able to exist without being taken over by some warring group. I would think that this would happen since the town is resource rich, and there seems to be no national government to protect it. However, the world of this story seems to have dramatically changed, and its possible that everyone else has other things to worry about.

Finally, I also thought that the fish becoming sentient was a really interesting plot twist. I liked the ending where Noma was able to successfully convince Alfreda that the fish now have the intelligence of people, and should not be eaten. I have to wonder if this will someday happen with animals like the octopus, who are so smart that they easily get bored in captivity, and often successfully escape their tanks. It did make me think, at what point does an animal get too smart to be eaten? And, should humanity be thinking about this more?