Author Topic: PC021: Hallah Iron-Thighs and the Change of Life  (Read 25242 times)


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Reply #25 on: September 01, 2008, 08:28:36 PM
The 'Meh' discussion has been split out to here: (in Metachat)

Apologies in advance for what probably is an imperfect split.

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Reply #26 on: December 17, 2008, 06:59:47 AM
I've been a fan of Escape Pod since episode 97 (though I did go back and listen to all of them, in order), but I didn't start listening to Podcastle until this month.  I started with the first podcast and have listened to all of them through this one, in order.  After listening, I decided to check out the comments on the stories I'd already heard.  Imagine my surprise when I read this from back in April:

For those who may have reservations about the fact that the magazine is edited by a woman, and an avowed feminist woman -- well, sure, we're going to run stories about women, and we're probably not going to run stories about women in chainmail bikinis, however mighty their swords. (Though it could happen.)




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Reply #27 on: January 05, 2010, 05:58:53 PM
This one was reasonably good.  The humor had a very Terry Pratchett style to it, but not as good as Pratchett (to be fair, he does set the bar quite high).  I probably would have been more wowed by it if I hadn't already been a fan of Cohen the Barbarian, for instance.

But it was still worth listening to, and I got some good laughs out of it.  The bandits who crave confessions (even if they have to be to a hymnal salesman) was quite funny.  M.K. Hobson did a really superb job of voicing it, which enhanced the story significantly.

A few things that bugged me:
1.  When Hallah takes off her chainmail, it wasn't clear what she was wearing underneath.  The scene becomes rather different if she's got some kind of jerkin on as opposed to wearing nothing at all.
2.  The jokes of the hymn names which are alterations of modern hymns were a chuckle the first time, but got old very quickly and kept going.
3.  Hallah's fighting partner, though younger and presumably more physically able, manages to get disabled very quickly and off-camera TWICE, without even a sarcastic comment from Hallah about what an incompetent she is.  And so when her partner's ribbing her for her perceived weight gains and whatnot, it was hard to take the partner seriously when she has shown herself to be such an unskilled fighter.