Author Topic: PC037: Gordon, the Self-Made Cat  (Read 18243 times)


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Reply #25 on: July 21, 2009, 05:23:26 AM
Now i could be wrong but isn't this an older story? Why teh sudden activity?

Because, near as I can tell, DarkKnightJRK has been listening through the archives and posting in the comments threads along the way - if you backtrack to the first page, down at the bottom you'll see that the first post after the long pause was by him (her, I don't know).

Hey, it's a good reason to backtrack, re-listen and then post your thoughts :D (assuming you didn't before, lol, I forget these things)

Yeah, sorry about that--comp died a while back and now going through what I can through the iTunes feed. :)

(and it is him, by the way)


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Reply #26 on: July 29, 2009, 03:26:53 PM
Hi All,

Some of you have been writing about fiction for younger children.  Rachel did mention my name in the thread. I am Mel Bugaj and my husband and I host an original children's story podcast called Night Light Stories. They are stories we have created and written over the years. You can find us at  There are free downloads on the compendium blog along with vocabulary, comprehension questions, and quick activities to promote different concepts touched upon in the story.  There are also free downloads on iTunes.  We currently have 10 stories and many more to come! The stories are aimed at children of all ages :)
Wilson Fowlie, I think your 6 year old would really enjoy them!  Take care, Mel


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Reply #27 on: December 11, 2009, 07:39:13 PM
This one reminded me a lot of The Tale of Despereaux.  Unfortunately I thought that story was incredibly slow for a kid's story, and this one too.  I admit that what I would've really liked to see (as somebody else suggested below) was some moral dilemma with a mouse-hunting class of some sort.