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The Semifinals of the Podcastle flash fiction contest are happening now! Head over to the Arcade and vote!

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on: February 20, 2009, 03:14:16 PM
OK, here's the list of pop culture references from the end of the episodes.  (Well, as best as we can figure them out.)

PP48:  The Disciple.  Alasdair's debut as host.  No reference.
PP49:  Big Boy.  No reference.
PP50:  Everyone Carries a Shadow.  Ben hosted, first one after his move.  No reference.

PP51:  Brothers.  Ben hosted.  No reference.
PP52:  That Old Black Magic.  "Pseudopod knows about the little girl you claim to have seen, but she died years ago."
PP53:  The Apple Tree Man.  "Pseudopod will always know what you did last summer."
PP54:  Toothache.  No reference.
PP55:  Dead Dog.  "Where Pseudopod is going we won't need eyes."
PP56:  Crab Apple.  "Pseudopod, despite what you claimed to have seen, didn't show up on any of the cameras we had installed."
PP57:  Ben hosted.  No reference.
PP58:  Through Their Bright Eyes.  "Pseudopod was wondering whether you wouldn't mind telling it, who's brain did you put in?"
PP59:  Fever.  "Pseudopod wants you to look at that zombie and see the hint of sadness in his eyes, like a drunk who's lost a bet."
PP60:  Ben hosted.  No reference.

PP61:  Ben hosted.  No reference.
PP62:  Faith in Sips and Bites.  "Pseudopod ain't afraid of no ghosts."
PP63:  The Western Front.  No reference.  (Alasdair's outro about his best friend's death)
PP64:  Connecting Door:  "Pseudopod would like you to back off, because we're scientists."
PP65:  Doghead.  "Pseudopod told you a secret before you were born and then put its fingers against your mouth and went, "shhh!".
PP66:  Ben hosted.  No reference.
PP67:  Memories of the Knacker's Yard.  "And this isn't even Pseudopod's desk."
PP68:  Across the Darien Gap.  "Pseudopod ain't got time to bleed."
PP69:  Ben hosted.  No reference.
PP70:  Rapunzel's Room.  "Pseudopod saw it.  It's huge and it's not a bloody Lion!"

PP71:  The Intrusion.  "Pseudopod not only doesn't hear the (???), Dr Lecter, it liked you better when you were (???)"
PP72:  Heavy Rains.  "Pseudopod is off down the Winchester."
PP73:  Blood Gridlock and Pez.  "Pseudopod wants you to know, the rabbits are us."
PP74:  Tumble.  "Pseudopod, these are lungs."
PP75:  The Mill.  "Pseudopod wants to know where you'll be when the dieing starts."
PP76:  Ben hosted.  No reference.
PP77:  Merlin's Bane.  "Pseudopod will find your shark and skin him for free."
PP78:  In a Right and Proper Place.  "Pseudopod would like to know:  Funny looking how?"
PP79:  Ice.  "Pseudopod wants you to know, every species can smell its own extinction."
PP80:  Votary.  "Pseudopod thinks you should get going, 'cause they mostly come out at night.  Mostly."

PP81:  It's Easy to Make a Sandwich.  "Pseudopod is curious because there is no band, and yet we hear a band."
PP82:  The Language of Crows.  "Pseudopod wants to know:  How do you shoot the devil in the back?  What if you miss?"
PP83:  Heartstrung.  "Pseudopod wants to know what the matter is, you've never taken a shortcut before?"
PP84:  The Sons of Carbon County.  "Pseudopod assures you, there is no spoon."
PP85:  Living in Sepia.  "Pseudopod is ready to tell you a secret."
PP86:  The Wild Y.  "Pseudopod wants you to know, there's a good chance you could die right here on this table."
PP87:  A Place of Snow Angels.  "Pseudopod's research into the Chevaillies Effect is going far, far better than anyone could have anticipated."
PP88:  The Guardian.  "Pseudopod wants to tell you a story.  Once upon a time, there lived a magnificent race of animals that dominated the world through age after age.  They ran.  They swam.  And they fought.  And they flew.  Until, suddenly, quite recently, they disappeared.  Nature just gave up and started again.  We weren't even apes then.  We were just these smart little rodents waiting in the wings.  And when we go, nature will start over.  With the bees, probably.  Nature knows when to give up."
PP89:  Wounds.  "Pseudopod thinks we should, maybe, get another drink."
PP90:  The Exhibition.  "Pseudopod knows you should never touch the body."

PP91:  Caesar's Ghost.  "Pseudopod, the air just caught on fire.  There's not going to be a lull."
PP92:  The Sloan Men.  "Pseudopod figures if you're hungry, how about a piece of your friend?"
PP93:  The Land of Reeds.  "Pseudopod wants to know if it's possible that there are no coincidences."
PP94:  The Skull Faced Boy.  "Pseudopod realizes you need both things (???)"
PP95:  No Tomorrows.  "Pseudopod is talking to a plastic (???)"
PP96:  The Cutting Room.  "Pseudopod thinks we are going to need bigger guns."
PP97:  Mrs Branson Calling.  "Pseudopod thought he'd be taller."
PP98:  Among the Moabites.  "Pseudopod...Pseudopod can hear something coming."
PP99.  Photo Finish.  "Pseudopod wants to know how you want to go out, on your feet or on your knees?"
PP100:  The Music of Erick Zahn.  "Pseudopod wants you to know, that is not dead which can eternal lie and with strange elements, even death may die."

PP101:  Homecoming.  "Pseudopod wants to know, if they made a movie about all of this, who would play you?"
PP102:  Dear Killer.  "Pseudopod cannot be harmed by conventional weaponry."
PP103:  Geist.  "Pseudopod would like to ask, why don't you just shut up and let me figure out a plan that doesn't involve mass suicide."
PP104:  The Book in the Earth.  "Pseudopod would like to keep this handy, for close encounters."
PP105:  Pattern Masters.  "Pseudopod, Pseudopod is kind of funny lookin'."
PP106:  Jihad Over Innsmouth.  "Pseudopod needs to get this straight.  This is a maximum security prison and you have no weapons of any kind?"
PP107:  Front Row Seats.  "Pseudopod would like you to go and visit one of our clients in Transylvania, a certain Count Drakula."
PP108:  The Teacher.  "Pseudopod knows that a Goddess dwells in these halls, and her name is Victory."
PP109:  In the Coils of the Serpent.  "Pseudopod would like you to start at the beginning to ensure you know nothing."
PP110:  Spurling's Virus.  "Pseudopod would like to know, is this going to be a stand up fight, or just another bug hunt?"

PP111:  Radiodemonology.  "Pseudopod would like to know, Do you sit around reading Guns and Ammo, masturbating in your own feces?  Do you ever just stop and go, "Wow!  It is amazing how fucking crazy I am?"
PP112:  Periods.  "Pseudopod has Mr. Pointy on standby, just in case."
PP113:  Furnace Room Lullaby.  "Pseudopod would like you to know, the air just caught on fire , there isn't going to be a lull."
PP114:  The Cellar.  "Pseudopod would like to know, has anyone seen Sam Laherty (?????)?"
PP115:  Clockwork.  "Pseudopod ain't got time to bleed."
PP116:  Sick Day.  "Pseudopod would like to point out, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then chances are, it's a duck with a meat clever."
PP117:  Deep Red.  "Pseudopod would like you to know, the air just caught on fire , there isn't going to be a lull."
PP118:  Lala Salama.  "Pseudopod would like you to know that beneath the surface there's a world of gliding monsters."
PP119:  Pran's Confession.  "Pseudopod had a dream like that once.'
PP120:  Iowa Highway.  "Pseudopod has extensive files."

PP121:  Blood, Snow and Sparrows.  "Pseudopod would like you to know, it absolutely will not stop until you are dead."
PP122:  Ben hosted.  No reference.
PP123:  Bone Sigh.  "Pseudopod would like to know if there's even a plan B."
PP124:  Scavenger.  "Pseudopod isn't surprised.  ?????? listen to the kid.  Of course, no one ever listens to the kid."
PP125:  The Interview.  "Pseudopod is all too aware, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then chances are, it's a duck with a meat clever."
PP126:  The Ashen Thing.  "Pseudopod just heard the order, "Abandon selective targeting".
PP127:  The Garden and the Mirror.  "Pseudopod looked in that room just a second ago and no one was there."
PP128:  Bone Mother.  "Pseudopod is all too aware, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then chances are, it's a duck with a meat clever."
PP129:  Bottle Babies.  "Pseudopod is all too aware, the only question is, which one of you is the bigger psycho?"

It needs cleaning up, I know.  I'm going to post the answers in a reply, so that people can try to figure out the references without the answers in their face, if they so choose.
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Reply #1 on: February 20, 2009, 11:02:53 PM
For now, until we get a finalized and verified list, I'm just going to put them here according to the first person to post them in the contest thread. 

PP55:  Event Horizon
PP58:  Young Frankenstein
PP59:  Shaun of the Dead
PP62:  Ghost Busters
PP67:  Se7en
PP68:  Predator
PP73:  Donnie Darko
PP78:  Fargo
PP79:  Interview with a Vampire
PP80:  Aliens
PP81:  Mulholland Drive
PP82:  The Usual Suspects
PP83:  Hot Fuzz ( ? )

Russel Nash:
PP72:  Shaun of the Dead
PP110:  Aliens

PP72:  Minder (TV series)
PP83:  Shaun of the Dead

PP52:  Friends

As you can see, we're not all in agreement, nor do we have all the answers yet.


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Reply #2 on: March 19, 2009, 04:52:58 PM
Unlocked.  Whenever someone gets a complete list, feel free to post it.


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Reply #3 on: April 02, 2009, 02:52:20 PM
Whoever posts the correct list here wins ZARGA III.