Author Topic: Best Escape Pod of 2006?  (Read 18528 times)

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Reply #25 on: February 20, 2007, 11:59:44 AM
You're right.  Maybe best out of six then.

Simon Painter

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Reply #26 on: March 01, 2007, 04:14:06 PM
I've tried very hard to assemble a list of my favorites for 2006, but it's turned out to be harder than I thought, this is my best effort:

Union Dues series                                          - it's hard to single out one as better than the others
A Single Shadow                                           - a fun character piece
Paradox & Greenblatt, Attorneys at Law            - I'm a sucker for a good Time Travel story
Observations from the City of Angels                - I loved the way this one was told, it's make a great film
Head of State                                              - The Reading on this one was awesome
I look Forward to Remembering You                   - more time travel!
Creature for Hire                                          - Laugh out Loud funny throughout :)
Shadowboxer                                                - awesome mood piece
Chuckles Mulrooney, Attorney for the Damned   - How can you not love a story with a title like this
Tk'Tk'Tk                                                      - not one of the best, but worthwhile
Are You Ready For the End of the World?         - surely Paul S Jenkins deserves more appearences here
Connie, Maybe

I made a list of those I didn't like, which turned out to be surprisingly short:

The Dinner Game                                         - bit of a Jar of Tang story
Margin of Error                                            - All this author's storys seem to be based on the idea
                                                                  nonotech is bad, and babies are good!
barnaby in Exile                                           - bleh, sweeter than candyfloss and about as much 
The Capo of Darkness                                   - bit heavy-handed with its preaching
The King's Tail                                             
Down Memory Lane                                     - way too sentimental and depressing for me.
Seventy-Five Years                                     - this is practically a script, it's so short on prose
My Friend is a Lesbian Zombie                       - this is a title with potential :p, sadly it's not lived up to

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