Author Topic: Thanks from a logtime fan  (Read 1840 times)


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on: August 02, 2009, 01:35:20 AM
Fear is the one thing that makes even the toughest of men scared. One of the worst is being afraid of what lies outside his own door. I know this is a weired way to start a posting to a Sci-fi podcast but since I have been listing to exscape pod I had found some soloist and comforted my fears on the times that I had to go out. Ever since I was a kid I had suffered for Agoraphobia. There are some times that I have just wanted to find a world with those that understand what I am going threw, some of the podcast that I have herd in the almost year I have been listening to it has helped me alot.
Now with my ipod I take the story's that show me like what Rod sterling said in a episode of the Twilight Zone said that there is nothing in the dark that isn't in the light. With that and what Steve had told about himself, I feel that I am not alone sometimes. I keep those stories with me all the time when I go out and it hides the fear and panic sometimes. It also has opened my love for writing again. I would like to be part of the community and maybe even write for it some day. Keep the good work up