Author Topic: Young adult writers! Detroit teacher of blind kids wants your ebooks  (Read 1787 times)


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Cory Doctorow posted this on boingboing.  Thought a few people here might be able to help

for those too lazy to follow the link here is the relevant information...

Quote from: cory doctorow
    I am Patti Smith and I teach at OW Holmes, which is an elementary-middle school in Detroit Public Schools in Detroit, Michigan. My students are visually impaired, ranging in age from 2nd grade to 8th grade. Five of my students are Braille writers and two are learning Braille. I would love books for young adults in electronic format (Word or RTF) so that I can plug the file into my computer program and emboss the book in Braille so my kids can have something to read. I have found it very difficult to find books for young adults; most seem to be written for very young readers. My Braille readers are all age 11+ and it is a challenge to find relevant books for them to read. Thank you so much!!

Patti's email is