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<To Reader Directory>

Stories listed alphabetically by author's first name:

A.B. Goelman
EP174: Private Detective Molly

Abby Goldsmith
EP287: A Taste of Time

Alex Holden
EPFlash011: Troy Trooper

Alex Dally MacFarlane
EP281: The Notebook of my Favourite Skin-Trees

Andrew Gudgel
EPFlash025: Nightshift in the Automart

Andy Duncan
EP171: Fenneman’s Mouth

Angela Lee
EP289: Flash Contest Honorable Mentions: Episode 37 – Captain Max Stone versus DESTRUCTOBOT!

Ann Leckie
EP131: Hesperia and Glory

Anna Schwind
Escape Pod Flash Fiction Contest Honorable Mention: The Way Before

Arnold Gardner
EP289: Flash Contest Honorable Mentions: Mr. Omega

Benjamin Rosenbaum
EP024: The Death Trap of Dr. Nefario
EP099: Start the Clock
EP106: The House Beyond Your Sky

Blake Charlton
EP280: Endosymbiont

Brenda Cooper
EP232: Flash Special – My Grandfather’s River

Bruce Boston
EPFlash048: One Trick Dog

Bruce Holland Rogers
EP022: Don Ysidro
EP040: Even Vadsθ Thaws

Bruce McAllister
EP108: Kin
EP135: Stu

Bud Starhawk
EP136: Bright Red Star

Caitlin R. Kiernan
EP218: Ode To Katan Amano

Camille Alexa
EP143: Flaming Marshmallow and Other Deaths

Carole McDonnell
EP148: Homecoming at the Borderlands Cafe

Caroline Yoachimr
EP301: Stone Wall Truth

Carrie Vaughn
EP297: Amaryllis

Cat Rambo
EP160: Kallakak’s Cousins
EP256: The Mermaids Singing Each to Each
EP274: Angry Rose’s Lament

Catherine M. Morrison
EP199: Elvis in the Attic

Charles Coleman Finlay
EP170: Pervert

Charles M. Saplak
EP271: God of the Lower Level

Charles Stross
EP206: Rogue Farm

Chris Dahlen
EP 265: We are Ted Tuscadero for President by Chris Dahlen

Christian Klaver
EP164: The Right Kind of Town

Constance Cooper
EPFlash017: The Teammate Reference Problem in Final-Stage Demon Confrontation
EP066: The King’s Tail

Cory Doctorow
EP037: Craphound
EPFlash024: Printcrime
EP133: Other People’s Money
EP291: Shannon's Law

Daniel Morris
EP310: Flash Extravaganza - End of the World Or Not, I Still Have Feelings

D.K. Thompson
EP264: St. Darwin’s Spirituals

D. Richard Pearce
EP013: The Once and Future Dentist

Daniel Braum
EP192: Sumo21

Daniel Schwabauer
EP083: Ulla

Danny Adams
EP045: Are You Ready for the End of the World?

David Barr Kirtley
EP088: Blood of Virgins
EP124: Save Me Plz

David Brin
EP112: The Giving Plague
EP165: Those Eyes

David D. Levine
EP054: Tk’tk’tk
EP238: Wind From a Dying Star
EP240: The Last McDougal’s
EP278: Written on the Wind

David W. Goldman
EP254: A Talent For Vanessa

David Walton
EP059: Anyone Can Whistle

Debra Doyle
EP006: Jenny Nettles (with James D. Macdonald)

Derek Zumsteg
EP115: Conversations With and About My Electric Toothbrush
EP177: Usurpers

Desmond Warzel
EP284: On a Clear Day You Can See All the Way to Conspiracy

Dominic Green
EP056: The Clockwork Atom Bomb

Douglas Smith
EP306: Radio Nowhere

Douglas Triggs
EPFlash004: Ubiquitous

Ed W. Marsh
EP064: Head of State

Edward M. Lerner
EPFlash039: Grandpa?

Elizabeth Bear
EP155: Tideline
EP166: The Something-Dreaming Game

Eric James Stone
EP277: Rejiggering the Thingamajig

Eric Marin
EPFlash010: The God of the Goblins

Erin Cashier
EP262: Cruciger

Eugie Foster
EP017: The Life and Times of Penguin
EP039: My Friend is a Lesbian Zombie
EP121: The Snow Woman’s Daughter
EP214: Sinner, Baker, Fablist, Priest; Red Mask, Black Mask, Gentleman, Beast
EP261: Only Springtime When She’s Gone

Felicity Shoulders
EP279: Conditional Love

Floris M. Kleijne
EP183: Beans and Marbles

Frank Wu
EP167: Love and Death in the Time of Monsters

Garth Nix
EP222: Infestation

Geoffrey A. Landis
EP236: Still On the Road

Genevieve Valentine
EP188: 29 Union Leaders Can’t Be Wrong
EP211: Carthago Delenda Est
EP268: Advection

Gideon Fostick
Escape Pod Flash Fiction Contest First Place Winner: Mission to Dover
Escape Pod Flash Fiction Contest Third Place Winner: Karukuri
EP302: Flash Extravaganza - Light and Lies

Greg van Eekhout
EPFlash001: Oasis
EPFlash003: Airedale
EPFlash005: Slicing
EPFlash007: Virus
EPFlash009: Pennywhistle
EP031: Robots and Falling Hearts (with Tim Pratt)
EP044: Show and Tell
EP087: Authorwerx
EP138: In the Late December
EPFlash046: Taco
EP202: Will You Be an Astronaut?

Gregory Frost
EP010: The Girlfriends of Dorian Gray

Hannu Rajaniemi
EP227: His Master’s Voice

H.G. Wells
EP182: The Story of the Late Mr. Elvesham

Harry Turtledove
EP072: Joe Steele

Heather Lindsley
EP098: Just Do It
EP111: Mayfly

Heather Shaw
EPFlash012: Wetting the Bed
EP052: Single White Farmhouse
EP079: Mountain, Man
EP249: Little M@tch Girl

Ian Creasey
EP191: This Is How It Feels
EP210: The Hastillan Weed

Ian McHugh
EP205: Requiem in D-minor (for prions, whale and burning bush)

Ian Randal Strock
EPFlash043: Get Me to the Job on Time

Isaac Asimov
EP100: Nightfall

James D. Macdonald
EP006: Jenny Nettles (with Debra Doyle)

J. M. McDermott
EP259: The Lady or the Tiger

J. R. Blackwell
Escape Pod Flash Fiction Contest Honorable Mention: From Liquid to Glass
EPFlash035: My Angel Gabriel

Jacob Sager Weinstein
EP253: Eugene

Jack Skillingstead
EP089: Bean There

James C. Bassett
EP019: Implications

James Patrick Kelly
EP230: Candy Art
EP299: Plus or Minus

James Trimarco
EP090: How Lonesome a Life Without Nerve Gas
EP120: The Sundial Brigade

Janni Lee Simner
EP003: Three Wish Habit
EP034: Free Will, Baby
EP042: Practical Villainy
EP161: Alien Promises
EP258: Raising Jenny

Jared Axelrod
EPFlash022: The Uncanny Valley
Escape Pod Flash Fiction Contest Honorable Mention: Hoarding Colored Rags

Jason Erik Lundberg
EPFlash015: Night Off

Jay Caselberg
EP011: Herd Mentality

Jay Lake
EP102: The Angle of My Dreams
EP212: Skinhorse Goes to Mars
EP235: On the Human Plan

Jeff Carlson
EP147: Pressure

Jeff Noyle
EPFlash019: Fools Seldom Differ

Jeffery R. DeRego
EP027: Union Dues - Iron Bars and the Glass Jaw
EP041: Ambient Sleaze
EP049: Union Dues - Off White Lies
EP062: Union Dues - The Baby and the Bathwater
EP080: Union Dues - Cleanup in Aisle Five
EP128: Union Dues - Send in the Clowns
EP149: Union Dues - All That We Leave Behind
EP154: Union Dues - Freedom With a Small f
EP172: Union Dues - Tabula Rasa
EP185: Union Dues - All About the Sponsors
EP233: Union Dues – The Threnody of Johnny Toruko
EP257: Union Dues: The Sum of Its Parts
EP304: Union Dues – Sidekicks in Stockholm

Jeff Spock
EP228: Everything That Matters

Jenn Reese
EP023: The Dream Factory

Jennifer Pelland
EP005: Snow Day
EP020: The Burning Bush
EP129: Immortal Sin

Jeremiah Tolbert
EP145: Instead of a Loving Heart
EP150: This, My Body
EP179: Arties Aren’t Stupid

Jetse de Vries
EP122: Transcendence Express

Jim Kling
EPFlash042: Semi-Autonomous or ‘For Whom The Warranty Tolls

J.J. DeBenedictis
EP310: Flash Extravaganza - Wetware Woes

Joanne Merriam
EP221: Little Ambushes

John Aegard
EP002: Feng Burger
EP025: The Great Old Pumpkin

John Kratman
EP201: Harry The Crow

John Medaille
EP286: The ’76 Goldwater Dime

John Scalzi
EP032: Alien Animal Encounters

Jonathon Sullivan
EP001: Imperial
EP021: Platypus Girl
EP123: Niels Bohr and the Sleeping Dane
EP169: How I Mounted Goldie, Saved My Partner Lori, and Sniffed Out The People’s Justice

Josh Rountree
EPFlash008: Friday Night Gods

Justin Stanchfield
EP009: Jack

K.D. Wentworth
EP014: Tis the Season

K. Tempest Bradford
EP269: Élan Vital

Kameron Hurley
EP207: Wonder Maul Doll

Katherine Mankiller
EP283: Grandfather Paradox
EP292: In the Water

Katherine Sparrow
Escape Pod Flash Fiction Contest Honorable Mention: Hello, I Love You
EP226: Pirate Solutions

Kay Kenyon
EP091: Acid Test
EP094: The Last Wave
EP180: Navy Brat

Keffy R. M. Kehrli
EP270: Advertising at the End of the World

Ken MacLeod
EP158: Who’s Afraid of Wolf 359?

Ken Scholes
EP146: Edward Bear and the Very Long Walk
EP187: Summer in Paris, Light from the Sky

Kevin J. Anderson
EP074: Paradox & Greenblatt, Attorneys at Law
EP096: Job Qualifications

Kij Johnson
EP195: 26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss
EP248: Spar

Kitty Myers
EPFlash021: Stuck in an Elevator With Mandy Patinkin

Kristine Kathryn Rusch
EP127: Results
EP132: Sparks in a Cold War
EP159: Elites

Kyle Deas
EP232: Flash Special - Flare
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Larry Hammer
EPFlash020: Paul Bunyan and the Photocopier

Larry Hodges
EP290: Tom the Universe

LaShawn M. Wanak
EP288: Future Perfect

Laura Ann Gilman
EP012: Clean Up Your Room

Laura Resnick
EP071: Capo of Darkness

Lavie Tidhar
EP163: Revolution Time
EP225: A Hard Rain at the Fortean Café
EP234: The Secret Protocols of the Elders of Zion
EP294: The Night Train
EP309: The Insurance Agent

Lawrence M. Schoen
EP245: The Moment

Lezli Robyn
EP307: Soulmates (with Mike Resnick)

Lisa M. Bradley
EP026: The Ludes

Liz Shannon Miller
EP189: The Botox School of Acting

Lucy A. Snyder
EP028: Your Corporate Network and the Forces of Darkness
EPFlash038: A Preference for Silence

M.C. Wagner
EP289: Flash Contest Honorable Mentions: Many Mistakes, All Out of Order

M.K. Hobson
EP015: Hell Notes
EP162: God Juice

Madeline Ashby
EP216: Boyfriend

Madge E. Miller
EPFlash016: Hibernation

Marc Laidlaw
EP219: Sleepy Joe

Marissa Lingen
EP232: Flash Special - Alloy

Marjorie James
EP007: The Trouble With Death Traps
EP224: The Ghost in the Death Trap
EP275: Schrödinger’s Cat Lady

Mary Robinette Kowal
EP186: Chrysalis
EP196: Evil Robot Monkey
EP285: Jaiden’s Weaver
EP296: For Want of a Nail

Matthew S. Rotundo
EP263: Fuel

Matthew Wayne Selznick
EP117: Reggie vs. Kaiju Storm Chimera Wolf

Melinda Thielbar
EP282: You’re Almost Here

Mercurio D. Rivera
EP204: The Fifth Zhi

Merrie Haskell
EPFlash018: One Million Years B.F.E.
EP175: Reparations
EP208: An Almanac for the Alien Invaders

Michael A. Burstein
EP053: Seventy-Five Years

Michael Bekemeyer
EPFlash036: It Was Death By a Bullet, But I Was Killed By a Woman

Michael Bishop
EPFlash049: Tired

Michael Canfield
EP051: Is You Is / Is You Ain’t?

Michael C. Lea
EP 267: Planetfall

Michael Jasper
EP046: Natural Order

Michael R. Underwood
EP 266: Kachikachi Yama

Michael Swanwick
EP157: A Small Room in Koboldtown
EP197: From Babel’s Fall’n Glory We Fled…

Mike Resnick
EP055: Down Memory Lane
EP073: Barnaby in Exile
EP082: Travels With My Cats
EP092: The Boy Who Yelled “Dragon!”
EP101: The 43 Antarean Dynasties
EP110: Frankie the Spook
EP126: The Sweet, Sad Love Song of Fred and Wilma (with Nick Dichario)
EP134: Me and My Shadow
EP152: The Big Guy
EP156: Distant Replay
EP173: Robots Don’t Cry
EPFlash037: Beachcomber
EP193: Article of Faith
EP246: Bride of Frankenstein
EP307: Soulmates (with Lezli Robyn)

Monte Cook
EP293: A Small Matter, Really

Mur Lafferty
EP033: Santa in My Pocket
EP061: I Look Forward to Remembering You
EP085: Merry Christmas from the Heartbreakers
EP137: Citytalkers
EP184: As Dry Leaves That Before the Wild Hurricane Fly
EP231: Solitary as an Oyster

N. K. Jemisin
EP038: L’Alchimista
EP114: Cloud Dragon Skies
EP244: Non-Zero Probabilities

Nancy Fulda
EP314: Movement

Nancy Kress
EP075: Nano Comes to Clifford Falls
EP081: Margin of Error
EP116: Ej-Es
EP125: End Game
EPFlash047: Patent Infringement
EP217: The Kindness of Strangers

Natania Barron
EP273: Death’s End to Middleton

Neal Asher
EP118: The Veteran
EP139: Acephalous Dreams

Nicholas J. Carter
EP302: Flash Extravaganza - Wheels of Blue Stilton

Nick Dichario
EP126: The Sweet, Sad Love Song of Fred and Wilma (with Mike Resnick)

Nick Mamatas
EP223: The Uncanny Valley

Pat Cadigan
EP237: Roadside Rescue

Paul Berger
EP103: The Watching People

Paul Di Filippo
EP043: Little Worker
EP058: Shadowboxer

Paul E. Martens
EP004: In His Footsteps
EP036: Connie, Maybe
EP048: Soul Food
EP060: Creature for Hire
EP141: The Color of a Brontosaurus

Paul S. Jenkins
EPFlash023: Act of Devil

Pete Butler
EP070: Squonk the Dragon
EP104: Lust for Learning
EP109: Squonk the Apprentice
EPFlash041: Chump Change

Peter Watts
EP298: The Things

Rachel Swirsky
EP176: How The World Became Quiet: A Post-Human Creation Myth
Escape Pod Flash Fiction Contest Second Place Winner: Skyscrapers
Escape Pod Flash Fiction Contest Honorable Mention: Silence
EP213: A Monkey Will Never Get Rid of Its Black Hands
EP250: Eros, Philia, Agape

Ramona Louis Wheeler
EP095: Blink. Don’t Blink.
EP119: Aliens Want Our Women

Ray Tabler
EP252: Billion-Dollar View

Richard K. Lyon
EPFlash034: Standards

Robert A. Heinlein
EP200: All You Zombies

Robert J. Sawyer
EP078: The Shoulders of Giants
EP220: Come All Ye Faithful[/url

[url=]Robert Reed
EP107: Eight Episodes

Robert T. Jeschonek
EP313: Playing Doctor

Robert Silverberg
EP086: When We Went to See the End of the World
EP093: {Now + n, Now - n}
EP113: Ishmael in Love
EP130: What We Learned From This Morning’s Newspaper
EP153: Schwartz Between the Galaxies

Robert T. Jeschonek
EP242: The Love Quest of Smidgen the Snack Cake

Robin Sloan
EP215: Mr. Penumbra’s Twenty-Four-Hour Book Store

S. Hutson Blount
EP229: Littleblossom Makes a Deal With the Devil

Saladin Ahmed
EP311: The Faithful Soldier, Prompted

Samantha Henderson
EP097: Cinderella Suicide
EP203: The Legend of St. Ignatz

Sara Genge
EP168: Family Values

Sarah Prineas
EP016: Seamstress

Scott Janssens
EPFlash002: Strange Girlfriend
EPFlash006: Paradox

Scott Sigler
EP035: Hero
EP057: Chuckles Mulrooney, Attorney for the Damned

Scott W. Baker
EP303: Leech Run

Stephanie Burgis
EP018: Some Girlfriends Can
EP151: Behind the Rules

Stephen Dedman
EP068: Depth of Field
EP077: A Single Shadow

Stephen Eley
EP050: The Malcontent
EP076: The Dinner Game

Stephen Gaskell
EP241: Thargus and Brian

Stevens R. Miller
EPFlash044: Off Base

Sue Burke
EP030: Aliens Love Oranges
EP047: Poet for Hire

Susie Hawes
EP029: Crystal Balls

Ted Chiang
EP194: Exhalation

Ted Kosmatka
EP198: N-words

T.F. Davenport
PE310: Flash Extravaganza - Jenna's Clocks

Tim Pratt
EP008: Lacyhrymose and the Golden Egg
EPFlash014: Making Monsters
EP031: Robots and Falling Hearts (with Greg van Eekhout)
EP067: Life in Stone
EP105: Impossible Dreams
EP142: Artifice and Intelligence
EP190: Origin Story
EP239: A Programmatic Approach to Perfect Happiness
EP251: Unexpected Outcomes
EP276: On a Blade of Grass
EP300: We go back

Tina Connolly
EP209: On the Eyeball Floor

T.L. Morganfield
EP312: Night Bird Soaring

Tobias S. Buckell
EP065: A Green Thumb
EP069: Her
EP084: Smooth Talking
EP181: Resistance

Tony Frazier
EP140: Astromonkeys!

Vera Nazarian
EPFlash013: Mount Dragon

Vylar Kaftan
EP243: I’m Alive, I Love You, I’ll See You in Reno
EP272: Christmas Wedding
EP295: Disarm
EP308: Kill Me

W.G. Hopkins
EPFlash040: The Sincerest Form

Wenonah Lyon
EPFlash045: Betting the Family Farm

Will Ludwigsen
EP260: The Speed of Dreams

Will McIntosh
EP144: Friction
EP178: Unlikely
EP247: Bridesicle
EP305: Midnight Blue

William R. Halliar
EP302: Flash Extravaganza - London Iron

William Meikle
EP255: Variations on a Theme

William Shunn
EP063: Observations from the City of Angels
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