Author Topic: Audio issues with EP231: Solitary as an Oyster  (Read 20606 times)


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It's true.  I'm minimally tolerant of veiled insults because we lose staff and volunteers over it.  Posters freely cast aspersions, moderators allow them to do so because those aspersions are thinly veiled commentaries, but the people to whom they are directed read them and see them for what they are, and decide that this is not a fun place to work, where they put hours and hours in for little to no compensation and all they get for it, in Monty Python's words, is "a boot to the head". 

I agree with everything Anarkey has said in all of her comments, especially the one quoted above.  There are people behind every facet of making these podcast, people who are either not getting paid for any of it, or are paid very little.  What is their motivation?  Mostly I'd say, love of the material.  What happens to that motivation when all they get is feedback like yours?  It eventually goes away, how soon depends on each person.  Where's your podcast?  How many hours have you spent volunteering your time only to get slammed for it?  Nobilis is the only example I know of who does, and his comments were respectful.  I'm not saying because you don't, you can't have an opinion.  But you don't have to be a jerk about it, either.

I am locking this thread for now and will eventually split it off.  There have only been only two or three comments about the actual content anyway.  Comments for the story will resume after the re-recording.  If you have a problem with that, send me a PM.

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