Author Topic: Story references to in-print sources such as Asimov's, Baen's Universe, etc.  (Read 4393 times)


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Full disclosure: I listen to all three podcasts. I am abysmally behind on Psuedopod, current in EscapePod, and just crossed the 2010 barrier in PodCastle.

During the intro or outro of many episodes there are frequently references to print media where the story's author has had published works, but I often am not able to write down these sources at the time to lookup later.  I realize that EscapePod, in particular, usually provides a link if possible in the extra meta-data on the podcast website, similar to a tag, but I am wondering if it might be a good idea to add a link to a page with a [insert podcast here] maintained directory of these sites and sources. Perhaps even something similar to the author/reader directory found in the EscapePod discussion forum now, only linked to on the podcast website.

I would love to have an easy to find reference to "friends of [insert podcast here]" where I could find in-print (and other) materials to increase my reading stack for when I'm in the mood for a short story instead of a full novel. I obviously already know about a couple of the more well known suspects, but I keep hearing about other sources that I can't seem to go back and easily find later without re-listening to the episode intro/outro for the information...

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