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on: August 29, 2010, 05:25:44 AM
Recently, in a misguided attempt at real estate speculation, I purchased a farmhouse outside of Chippewa Falls Wisconsin.  During renovation, I discovered a wooden box concealed within the walls.  Inside this box was a short story written by none other than Helmut Finch.  Along with this story were certain letters and notes written by the man - the contents of which I feel are best to be kept from the public at large.  I had the manuscript independantly verified by both Dr. Rudolph Gentz of Benediction University and Mr. Torrek Bestlonic, editor of the Helmut Finch United Press Association and both men assured me that it is an authentic Finch story.  I submitted the story on Mr. Finch's behalf to Cast Macabre and it has been produced as an audio episode!  And, for those of you who have been missing their Pseudopod fix, the episode is narrated by none other than Mr. Alasdair Stuart!

The story, "What they Consumed," can be found HERE.

I'd like to conclude by reiterating that I am only the discoverer of this manuscript.  Certain rumors have clustered around me as of late and certain unscrupulous individuals have claimed that I, and not Mr. Helmut Finch, am the author.  This is, of course, utter nonsense.  Beyond being recognized for the historical import of discovering a previously lost manuscript of his, I want nothing to do with that Wisconsin hack.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that music was provided by no less than Nox Arcana!
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