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I've always been disturbed by the idea of having one's consciousness absorbed by another.
This story went on way longer than it should have for me. I hate to be close-minded, but I've got to say that as soon as the alien presented his terms, I said, "No, deal's over." I spent the rest of the story talking to the ipod: "Why are we still discussing this? The story is over. No. Just no."

I felt like the "twist" at the end was one you could see a mile away.  Personally, I felt it would have made a more entertaining and thought-provoking story if the MC had refused the offer.

It's interesting that both of you assumed different outcomes.  Personally, I also saw the "yes" answer coming, but I'm also glad it worked out like I'd expected.  Tons of other reps have already been through the same process as our main character here.  Tons of them have said "No" to the exact same deal.  The reason we get to read a story about Paul in particular is because he is different.  What sort of person does it takes to say yes to this deal?  I think that is one of the central questions of the story. 

Obviously tinygaia would have made for a very different protagonist, perhaps leading to the kind of story yicheng would have preferred.  But the point is, that wasn't the story Rambo was trying to get at.  Apparently the vast majority of the population in this universe agree with the posters above.  So how do you get to the type of person who is different?

Paul is the EXACT right character for this story to be happening to.  It's always interesting, I think, to examine the non-typical response, and in what way a person has to be different to get to that response.  And can the reader be brought into the different mindset to see that answer?

For me, the answer to that last question was YES.  I might not have made the same choice, but I can very well see why he did it.  And there are definite horror leanings here, but it might be all good.

That is the real strength of the story, Paul doesn't know anything for certain, and neither do we.  He doesn't know what will really be better for his friends and the company. He eventually makes a choice, but we are left unsure of whether it was the right one, for him or for anyone else.
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