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on: February 22, 2007, 04:17:41 AM
This is a site, where people go to write stories. Nothing new, right? Well, the only difference is that these stories are made on an extreamly user-friendly server, called 'Wetpaint'. I have here a site-summary:

Short Story Kingdom. What is it? It is an idea created by Webmaster_2.0, current Admin/creator of the site who had always started stories, but never finished them. This being a constant nag on his conscientiousness, he decided to create something that would allow him to give his half-finished stories to the world, and something that would motivate him to work harder on his stories. Now, after about three months, SSK has 221 Visitors, 5 users and 7 [ 2 halves of different stories are included in this statistic] stories. Four of which are quite good. There is room for all genres, and currently [ The 21st of February, 2007 ] there is comedy, science fiction, comedic-Sci-Fi and some Star Trek fan fiction.

Please note that one of the unfinished stories is mine. Please note that the Star Trek fan fiction is actually part of a different project, and hasn't started being written yet.

The URL is:
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