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on: April 24, 2012, 05:48:19 PM
Hi All, my name is Wendy and I represent Lemon Twist Press - an independent publisher.  We have a new project underway called Second Avenue Second Hand - an Anthology to help give emerging writers a voice.  This project is a bit unusual in that we are going the crowdfunding route to help us produce a better product and to pay our authors outright for their work.  It is a All or Nothing project, so if we do not get funded, we get no money.  But that isn't the end of it.  We will go ahead with the project, we just won't be able to offer one-time payment.  We will have to adopt the standard 50/50 anthology model.  The anthology is also unique in that we are genre-less.  We are looking for a broad range of stores centered around our unifying theme.  Full details of this project are listed at  

If you are not interested in submitting to the anthology yourself, perhaps you know someone you could pass the information along to.  Have a great day!

Wendy/Lemon Twist Press
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