Author Topic: What is the most influential Escape Pod episode that you have ever heard?  (Read 13525 times)

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After I heard Ej-Es, I immediately checked out a book by the same author.  That's the only EP episode that spurred me to take any offline action, so I suppose that would make it the most influential.

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as I am a big decoder ring fan and i grewup and live in lasvegas. the 43 alterian dynasys is nearest ans dearest

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You guys have named almost all the ones that have stuck in my mind. Connie, Maybe, The Team Mate Reference Problem in Final Stage Demon-Confrontation, Your Corporate Network and the Forces of Darkness and I Look Forward to Remembering You are all stories that I have passed on to friends and forced them to listen to. But I have to add My Friend is a Lesbian Zombie to the list as well.