Author Topic: Most appropriate board for a "What's your favorite podiobook" thread? :P  (Read 3863 times)


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I honestly am not sure whether the podcasting (since you could technically consider them podcast novels) or the miscellaneous board would be more appropriate, and I'm trying to not come off like a fool. Having to post this thread probably makes that a done deal, though.. ;)

I looked around and didnt see a similar thread anywhere (if there is and I'm just blind please correct me); I just thought it would be a fun topic.. if I can figure out where it should be posted ;)


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Anywhere you like, Talia.  We don't get uptight at people here for posting things in the "wrong" place -- though we'll sometimes move threads around.  >8-> 

Having said that, the Podcast Pedantry board is probably the most general place for it.  It wouldn't be out of place in the SF & Fantasy board, either, however, because most podiobooks seem to be in the genre.

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