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on: December 05, 2013, 03:38:26 AM
The Traveling Poet

Hi guys, my name is Jeremiah Walton.  I'm 18, and from N.H..  I graduated High School this past spring, and began hitchhiking cross country the next Fall, hitting every open mic and slam I can.  I'd previously been managing Nostrovia! Poetry, but the print costs would exceed my budget.  With my eating habit being more important, I founded The Traveling Poet, an ezine I can manage on the road.

The Traveling Poet is an ezine that publishes poets ages 12-25, and articles regarding traveling, hitchhiking, poverty, and philosophy.  This project's goal is to display to youth writers that publishing is only a small piece of poetry.  We promote creating for Self, and freedom, both in literature and living. 

The biggest turn-away we can receive, besides not following the submission guidelines, is Beat Generation re-enactments.  They had their time.  Now it is ours.  We seek voices of the 21st century America, not the America 50 years gone.

Currently not open to article submissions, The Traveling Poet accepts poetry submissions on a rolling basis.  Poems of any length and format are welcome, though we have a slight preference for free-verse writing. 

You can read the submission guidelines here.