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on: January 04, 2014, 01:41:24 AM
I started the 31 day Journaling Challenge at to try to write more in 2014.  My long term goal is daily for the year.  Short term goals I hope will allow me to achieve that.

Day 2 was to come up with a 6 word memoir  I would like to see what people can come up with here.  I know many of the forumites write so...

I had two that I thought summed me up well. 

Amazing experiences born out of failure.

Explanation: I have had a rocky road for careers I earned a degree in Microbiology in 1993, last worked in degree field in 2002.  Since then I have lived and worked in two National Parks, While at Grand Canyon National Park, I worked with and became engaged to a  woman from China.  I spent a year teaching English in China so that we could get married.  Her parents wound up not approving, and at first she was willing to go against them (albeit behind their backs) and I got to see Xian, Hong Kong, Shaghai, Suzhou (known for beautiful gardens and being where much of the Chinese fine silk comes from), Xiangfan and Wuhan (last two were cities I worked in).  Amazing experiences trying food and culture with my students.  After my year was up, the plan was for me to return to US and her to follow (she had to wait because of visa restrictions).  Within a month of my returning she broke up with me (engagement ring of course is in China still.  I would have told her to keep it, but would have liked to have had the option of asking for it back).  I am still glad I followed her though because that year was amazing.  Got a real sense of the history of China and just how long it's been around, amazing friendships and experience. 

fought introversion became bartender and teacher

Explanation: In stereotypical geek behavior I am an introvert.  I have to say if you want to get out of your shyness introvert bubble, become a bartender (or a food server) or a teacher.  Both are always "on" jobs.  There is no hiding behind your shyness, with these types of positions you are forced to talk to people as well as act as something of a performer for them.   Especially when there are interesting people from all over the world coming through your bar because it is at one of the most popular National Parks, Grand Canyon National Park.  At the same time it makes it easier to talk to them because you know you won't see 99% of them ever again, so if you make a fool of yourself with your awkward introverted habits. 

What are your 6 word memoirs fellow escape artist forumites?


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Reply #1 on: January 06, 2014, 01:49:29 PM
Finally took charge of my life.

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Reply #2 on: January 06, 2014, 03:53:42 PM
Too much Xbox, not enough writing.

This may come across as humorous, but unfortunately, it's painfully true. I spend all day with story ideas bouncing around in my head, mostly at times when I'm not in a position to write anything. Then, when I'm finally at home, kids in bed, daily chores done, free time to myself, I convince myself I'm too tired to be able to focus on writing, and I switch on a game instead.

2013 saw my first ever publication of a story. You would think that would be motivation for me to write more, not less. However, if the last three months are any indication, the opposite seems to be true.

So now, in the spirit of this thread, I'll follow up my 6-word Memoir with a 6-word Resolution:

Write more, game less, be successful.

-Josh Morrey-
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Reply #3 on: January 06, 2014, 08:35:06 PM
do you carry a small notebook or a smartphone Cutter?  can jot down the idea for later at least.


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Reply #4 on: January 27, 2014, 04:03:46 AM
Achieving my goals, still not happy.

If you had found me when I was 20 and shown me the life I'm leading 30+ years later, I'd have said, "Wow, so I must be really happy, all the time, right?"  Well, no.  I'm still tying to sort out how much is unrealistic expectations, how much is chasing the wrong goals, how much is just natural progression and how much is stupid lack of appreciation. 

"My whole job is in the space between 'should be' and 'is.' It's a big space."


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Reply #5 on: July 05, 2014, 04:29:32 PM
Balance not achieved but sought regularly. 

"Reason is not automatic. Those that deny it cannot be conquered by it." Ayn Rand.