Author Topic: Looking for an early episode with a bunch of programming jargon  (Read 2673 times)


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Maybe I'm making this up, but I remember hearing an episode from around 2008 or earlier that had a scene where an AI-type character was defending something (a network? another AI? itself?) from an intruder, a personified computer virus or a hacker maybe. The scene was described using a lot of computer science lingo, which fascinated me. I'm 99% sure the reader was male. I remember Steve saying in the feedback for that episode that the author was pleased with the comments from programmers that his use of the terminology seemed very informed, since the author wasn't a programmer and was piecing the concepts together from his research. I don't remember what the rest of the episode was about. It could've been a flash piece, but I don't remember them getting feedback segments.

If no one knows off the top of their heads, I can go back to scouring the archives. I just thought I'd check before I did a lot more work. :)