Author Topic: Escape POD: A repitition of the past?  (Read 4216 times)


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on: January 17, 2007, 04:45:14 AM
No, I'm not saying there has been an SF podcast magazine before. Think back...


I can only speak for myself here, but EP for me is a great experience. More than just good wholesome (most of the time) entertainment. And it occurred to me that EP has happened before, back in the days before computers. Back when stories were handed down by mouth and ear through generations without a limited written form.
The art of storytelling has not disappeared since the invention of writing, but I do think that modern literacy rates and common availability of books, while all good things to be sure, have pushed spoken stories aside.
When one reads a story, they create their own interpretations. In his mind, a story is unique for each individual. A spoken story allows the reader's interpretation to rub off. The way certain words are accented, the expression of emotion, and the cant of the story all effect the listener's first impressions.  Therefore the story becomes more vivid and alive.
Everyone was read stories as a kid but eventually what happened? Grew out of it? I don't think so. Honestly I can say I enjoy a good story now as much as ever, more so for the ability to comprehend it. Perhaps we are reliving part of our childhood, or perhaps enjoying art of storytelling is an inherent part of the human nature, either way it must touch on some basic level.
When Steve starts the cast, it really is "story time"


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Reply #1 on: January 17, 2007, 04:54:18 AM
Thanks for the kind words, Gherkin.

Me, I count it as a personal success whenever we get feedback saying "I didn't think I had time to read SF, but after hearing some Escape Pod episodes I'm now [ subscribed to some magazine | reading books by this author | etc. ]"

And we do get that feedback.  That's our mission as far as science fiction is concerned.  I want to bring people into the genre -- or bring them back into the genre -- by demonstrating that there's a lot of fun stuff out there.  I don't want to compete with print markets; I want to bring them to new audiences and celebrate them.

That, and it's fun to read stuff out loud.  >8->

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Reply #2 on: January 22, 2007, 12:14:02 PM
Meh, I'm getting back into reading SF again. And I even subscribed to the only two worthwile SF magazines in Denmark, so I'm definately happy with that.